Rebuilt Motors / Electronics: In-House Expertise For Fast Turn Around And Reduced Costs

Malin Rebuilt Motors

Trust Malin to keep you up and running.

Malin’s In-House rebuilt motor and electrical component programs are engineered specifically to reduce your product costs and expedite repair and customer delivery. Our significant investment in quality infrastructures, highly trained Rebuild Specialists and leading-edge technology brings a world-class level of sophistication to your core needs.

The result is that you experience immediate response, increased uptime and substantial savings. With a multimillion dollar investment in controlled, state-of-the art facilities and component resources, you are assured to receive the quality products you demand.

The expertise of our Rebuilt Specialists Team guarantees immediate troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities. Our In-House flexibility provides a distinct competitive advantage because competitors and manufacturers simply do not have the facilities or resources to respond to local market needs.

To experience our dedication to providing you with the services you need to improve productivity, we welcome the opportunity to take you on a tour of our state-of-the-art facilities.

The Malin Rebuilt Program

About Malin

Malin’s rebuild process requires all components to pass stringent evaluation and performance criteria. When it comes to your productivity, we do not cut corners in the rebuild process – we make sure our products exceed performance expectations.

Identical to new product component warranty(s), Malin’s rebuilt components carry a one (1) year warranty.

Because of the expertise of our Rebuild Specialists, aggressive pricing programs and rapid response, Malin’s Rebuilt Program is utilized by hundreds of industry leaders, world-class customers and many lift truck dealers across the country.