• Warehouse Automation

    Flexible And Scalable Solutions
    Fully-automated and semi-automated products designed to keep your goods moving, workers happy, and costs down.
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    Create An Intelligent, Automated Operation

    As the complexity of logistics systems continues to increase, autonomous products offer a robust and flexible means of control. Among their many benefits, these solutions can help reduce the amount of hard-to-fill jobs, high turnover costs, and product damage from mishandling.

    After fully vetting your options through optimization, we can simplify your adoption and implementation of automated solutions with an assortment of professional teams and tailored technologies to help you get more out of your workspace, workflow, and workforce.

Automated Guided Vehicles

Optimize your allocation of resources with a series of Raymond Courier Automated Guided Vehicles, including an automated center rider, stacker, and tow tractor, that offer a wide range of automated capabilities and efficiencies for more engaged and productive employees.

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    By freeing operators from repetitive, low value tasks, these automated forklifts can help create a more rewarding work environment, raising engagement and lowering turnover.

    + Share responsibilities between operator and lift truck to enhance productivity and overcome specific business challenges.

    + Transform individual skill sets by focusing on advanced knowledge assignments and tasks.

    + Empower employees by allowing them to manage the equipment now performing the manual tasks they once did.

Operator Assist Technologies

With skilled operators in short supply and inexperienced employees often covering seasonal demands, lift truck operations in wire guided, very narrow aisle applications need to be as simple as possible to maximize productivity. This suite of integrated, intelligent solutions is designed to enhance operator awareness, proficiency, and security.

  • Zoning and Positioning (ZaP)

    ZaP options ensure more reliable, repeatable truck operation by controlling many order picking functions. Operators are able to focus on their surroundings and the task at hand instead of searching for locations, so they can learn more quickly, execute more accurately, and work more efficiently.

  • In-Aisle Detection System (IADS)

    IADS alerts operators when objects are detected in the truck's path and brings the truck to a controlled stop. This system assists in keeping trucks separated while on the wire in the aisle, enhancing operator security and confidence in very narrow aisle applications.

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    Operator Picking Solutions

    The only put-to-light system of its kind, the Pick2Pallet LED Light System features long-lasting LED lights embedded into the outside of each fork to help reduce errors in AB batch pick applications.

    This feature visually indicates where operators should place each item, allowing you to take advantage of all the productivity benefits of batch picking while minimizing errors and increasing picking speeds.

Boost Efficiency With Automation

After fully evaluating your options through optimization, automation, when properly matched and correctly applied to specific operations, can dramatically change the way your company operates and its ability to service your customers. The cost savings achieved from this approach can then be used to further invest in automation.

  • Enhance Resources With Automated Guided Vehicles

    The Raymond Courier Automated Guided Vehicles offer a flexible, easy-to-implement, vision guided solution requiring no changes to your facility or interruption to your operation.

  • Maximize Scalability With Warehouse Automation Equipment

    Carousel, conveyor, and sortation systems can provide efficiencies in inventory management along with product movement and storage to generate a measurable and profitable distribution solution.

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  • Optimization Before Automation

    The era of automation is here, ready to keep your business productive and competitive. But organizations need to rethink before they retool. Prior to the introduction of any automated system, your warehouse and processes should first be analyzed and optimized. We can help lay the groundwork for a successful implementation by presenting our Lean Management System and evaluating different aspects of your operation, including labor utilization and operator productivity, size and type of your lift truck fleet, and traffic patterns and bottlenecks in your workflow.