Custom Reporting

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    Reduce paper flow and only get the information
    you want — from Malin.

    The integration of analysis and reporting with material handling business strategy is critical in today's business climate. Businesses of all types and size rely on the effective implementation of analysis and reporting to drive growth, reduce costs, enhance competitiveness and improve overall warehouse and distribution center performance. Our lift truck equipment analysis and reporting are a critical performance indicator and evaluation solution to best assist our customers in making the right decisions. Today, material handling management is faced with a wide range of challenges to enhance productivity and reduce costs.

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    Malin's analysis and reporting coverage includes:

    - Lift truck specific cost analysis
    - Truck utilization analysis
    - Part specific usage analysis

    Every facet of these key warehouse and distribution center cost drivers
    are examined and reported to you on an on-going basis to help you
    make the right decisions.