• Rethink Before You Retool

    As the speed and complexity of operations continues to accelerate, most companies are experiencing a wider range of challenges than ever before. To overcome these, many supply chain leaders assume they need to upgrade their current equipment or implement new forms of automation, but that decision would ultimately magnify inefficiencies, rather than improve them. At Malin, prior to recommending specific solutions, we take the time to analyze different aspects of your operation for total process improvement.

Maximize Operational Efficiency

With the introduction of lean management principles, we can provide valuable insights into what works in your facility and what doesn’t, eliminating non-value-added steps to enhance performance. Raymond Lean Management (RLM) is a holistic approach to problem-solving that allows you to standardize processes, track key performance indicators, and make continuous improvements throughout your operation.

  • Raymond Lean Management
  • With the collective goal of reducing waste throughout an organization, RLM transforms a company’s culture to focus on improved quality by constantly seeking optimization opportunities. Our certified professionals provide education and consulting on this industry-leading, one-of-a-kind lean management system to ensure you get the most out of your resources.

  • Success With Raymond Lean Management

    Crossroads Community Services focuses its efforts on feeding those affected by economic and social hardships in North Dallas. In 2019, the food bank expanded its distribution center sought assistance from Malin to maximize use of the new distribution facility as well as learn best practices for receiving/shipping and inventory control. By leveraging the principles of Raymond Lean Management, Crossroads Community Services optimized order picking processes, donation center methods, and the overall shopping experience for its clients, ultimately distributing more than 2,750,000 pounds of food in 2020.

Tackle Any Task In Your Facility

With a unique mix of best-in-class processes, data-powered technologies, and innovative products, our intralogistics solutions are designed to complete virtually any task related to the movement of materials within your facility. After fully vetting your options through optimization, we will identify the solutions you need to create a complete, connected system tailored to your business goals and strategy. Plus, our team is uniquely positioned to provide integration and support services beyond the initial sale to ensure you get the most of your resources and achieve a fast return on your investment.

Material Handling Equipment

Drive higher performance and greater efficiency for handling, stacking, and storing a variety of products.

Connected Technologies

Provide an additional layer of visibility and make it easier to collect and review performance metrics.

Automated Solutions

Perform various repetitive tasks more effectively to overcome today's labor challenges and e-commerce demands.

Systems Integration

Create a complete, connected system that is designed around your unique application needs and requirements.