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    Raymond Lean Management

    Create An Optimized Workplace
    Proven practices to get the most out of your current resources and instill a culture of continuous improvement
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    Adopt A Lean Management Approach

    In today's changing business climate, every day brings new challenges and operations are looking for advantages with every turn they make. The implementation of lean principles can help take the strain off your existing supply chain and proactively prepare you for the future.

    Lean management is a long-term operational discipline that seeks to improve quality, reduce waste, and optimize opportunities. When applied correctly, a lean system can produce effective and efficient processes that satisfy customer demands and provide the best solutions.

Better Thinking. Better Process. Better Business.

Optimization efforts begin with some level of reflection, planning, and, most importantly, understanding what problem you are trying to solve.

  • Do you have clearly defined and well documented processes?
  • Are your processes consistent, repeatable, and error-free?
  • Do you know the KPIs needed to gauge the effectiveness of functional areas within your business?
  • Do you have a strategy for collecting, interpreting, and acting on the data your business collects?

Raymond Lean Management, built on the proven foundation and principles of the world-renowned Toyota Production System (TPS), is a holistic approach to problem-solving that allows you to standardize processes, track key performance indicators, and make continuous improvements.

Maximize Operational Efficiency and Productivity

Our goal is not only to help you solve problems, but to teach you how to solve them yourself. Through a process of visualization, organization, and standardization, we can show you how to identify inefficiencies and implement changes to improve your workflows, saving time and money.

  • lean system, lean management system, lean management

    Gather And Analyze Data

    By gathering data, a lean system can help provide visibility into the current state of an operation. Managers should regularly evaluate the data collected from their operation and adapt accordingly.

  • lean system, lean management system, lean management

    Visualize Improvement Opportunities

    Visualization makes a situation easily understood simply by looking at it and can be accomplished with data and tool displays or label and location markings. With visualization, an operation can quickly share information, communicate standards, and identify defects.

  • lean system, lean management system, lean management

    Empower Your Employees

    Lean management teaches your workers to spot inefficiencies, errors or potential defects by providing them with practical tools to share ideas and develop solutions. By giving employees the opportunity to implement change, they become more engaged which often leads to higher morale and workforce retention.

  • lean system, lean management system, lean management

    Establish Standardized Work Processes

    Standardized work creates clearly defined employee expectations and ensures consistency of both labor and materials. By establishing standardized work processes, companies can help eliminate or reduce non-value-added steps, resulting in higher operational effectiveness.

  • Success With Raymond Lean Management

    Crossroads Community Services focuses its efforts on feeding those affected by economic and social hardships in North Dallas. In 2019, the food bank expanded its distribution center sought assistance from Malin to maximize use of the new distribution facility as well as learn best practices for receiving/shipping and inventory control. By leveraging the principles of Raymond Lean Management, Crossroads Community Services optimized order picking processes, donation center methods, and the overall shopping experience for its clients, ultimately distributing more than 2,750,000 pounds of food in 2020.

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  • Optimization Before Automation

    With the collective goal of reducing waste throughout an organization, lean management transforms a company’s culture to focus on improved quality by constantly seeking optimization opportunities. An optimized material handling operation creates more space for product, increases workforce productivity, and leverages intralogistics solutions for the best suitable task. Ultimately, this process results in cost savings that can be reinvested throughout your business, often partially, or even fully, funding the next improvement.