• Forklift Repair, Forklift Service, Forklift Maintenance

    Forklift Service

    Complete Tailored Coverage
    Maximize performance while locking in affordable, predictable service costs for both your lift trucks and warehouse products
  • Forklift Repair, Forklift Service, Forklift Maintenance

    Expertise At Your Service

    We understand that maintenance and repairs don’t just need to be done on time, they need to be done right which is why we pride ourselves on industry-leading response times and first-time fix rates. Our technicians complete a rigourous training program to develop and enhance their skills, allowing them to repair practically any type of material handling equipment, including non-Raymond forklifts. From standard inspection and maintenance to complete service from fork to bumper, we offer a breadth of coverage and depth of expertise to deliver exactly what you need, when and where you need it.

Personalize Your Service Plan

Get more out of every asset, every day with a full array of best-in-class available services and solutions. Whether for one forklift or one thousand, you can create a perfectly tailored service and maintenance plan designed around the size of your fleet as well as the needs of your business.

   Includes all essential inspections and maintenance required by Raymond
 Scheduled Service  Comprehensive Service
 Features Essential  Essential Plus Premier  Ultimate
 Genuine Raymond Parts  X  X  X   X 
 Scheduled maintenance  X  X  X   X 
 Additional 3,000 hours of warranty  X  X  X   X 
 OEM required fluid and filter changes    X X X
 Wheels and tires    O O X
 Fork to bumper coverage (including parts and labor)      X  X
 Damage      O  X
 iTRACK reporting  O  O  O  X
 Scheduled partnership meetings  X  X  X  X
 Single monthly invoicing  O  X X X
 Battery and charger maintenance  O  O O O
 iWAREHOUSE maintenance  O  O O O
 Safety on the Move  O  O O O
 Attachments  O  O O O
     X - Included | O - Optional

  • Keep Your Operation Running

    Sticking to a regular maintenance plan and focusing on best practices can help keep your forklifts up and running, now and for years to come. If you recently hired new staff or simply want to reiterate the importance of forklift maintenance to your current warehouse team, we have six tips to emphasize the value of following proper maintenance procedures.

  • Conveyor Maintenance Programs

    With the most comprehensive and responsive conveyor maintenance program in the industry, we can help optimize the uptime, performance, and longevity of your equipment. Let us take some of the burden off your in-house resources by providing a variety of services including:

    + Proactive scheduled maintenance
    + Assistance with OSHA compliance
    + 24/7/365 emergency service

    All performed by highly trained technicians with quick response times and exceptional first-time fix rates.

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  • We'll Take Care Of It

    Our fleet solutions can help to optimize productivity and maximize peace-of-mind. With multiple deliverables including maintenance, parts, training, and extended warranties, we have the solutions your business needs to run better. Plus, our dedicated team of experts will collaborate with you to identify opportunities that further enhance the performance of your fleet while striving to reduce your overall costs.