• Picking Technologies

    Modernizing Order Fulfillment
    Keep up with customer demand by implementing technologies designed to increase picking accuracy and reduce errors

Improve Your Picking Processes

In today’s marketplace, the ability to deliver products tailored to each of your consumers' specific needs is no longer optional, it’s a requirement. With these requests, order picking has become the order of the day in most warehouse applications. Using a combination of mechanization, controls, and software systems, we can provide the perfect solution for streamlining your order picking, packaging, and shipping operations, enabling you to reduce labor costs, improve inventory accuracy, and increase overall productivity.

  • Goods To Person Technology

    There’s an ever-increasing need to move more product, more quickly. With a goods-to-person system, items are automatically delivered to employees where they can pick and pack orders in the same location, eliminating non-value added time to retrieve and transport products. Our engineering division can develop a solution that combines high-density storage with high-speed picking to create a configurable and flexible system that addresses your most challenging order fulfillment requirements, ensuring shipping times are met and order errors are eliminated.

  • Voice Directed Operations

    E-commerce trends demand new ways of approaching order fulfillment, notably as orders are for smaller inventory amounts with a wider variety of products. Ideal for applications that have a larger number of SKUs, voice picking is a paperless order picking tool designed to keep an operator's hand and eyes free, so he can focus more attention on the job in front of him. Easy to understand voice prompts direct a picker to a designated location and instruct him to perform a specific task, increasing accuracy and productivity. Our experienced team can seamlessly integrate voice picking solutions with a variety of host systems, such as ERPs and WMSs, to enhance the effectiveness of picking operations.

  • Pick And Put To Light Systems

    From skilled to reliable, permanent or seasonal, labor is becoming increasingly hard to find and difficult to afford. Item order fulfillment systems, based on a series of light signals, can reduce labor costs and improve accuracy rates in excess of 99.9%. And, since the systems direct operators to pick or put exact amounts and require confirmation of completion, they are easy to learn and easy to use. More specifically, pick to light guides the operator to the correct pick location and shows the quantity required to fill the order while put to light utilizes light devices located at workstations to indicate the bins/totes where the operator should place each item.

  • Increase Profitability With Order Profiling

    The decisions surrounding how, when, and where a SKU should be stocked can significantly impact your company’s bottom line. And, without proper evaluation, you could incur unnecessary costs for labor and equipment. Order profiling can help you slot your inventory and improve your layout to better accommodate how products are received, transported, and stored. Introducing and following these measures will not only increase order fulfillment accuracy and speed, but also drive overall supply chain effectiveness and efficiencies.

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  • Steps For A Successful Implementation

    Prior to moving forward with any picking technologies, your processes should first be analyzed and optimized. We can help lay the groundwork for a successful implementation by using Raymond Lean Management (RLM) to assess different aspects of your operation. Whether it’s through faster fulfillment or reduced errors, our certified professionals will ensure you get the most out of your resources.