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    Adaptable programs for electric forklifts and warehouse equipment that are designed to benefit your bottom line

Flexible Financing To Meet Your Needs

In today's dynamic material handling landscape, flexibility is crucial, especially when it comes to sourcing and leasing forklifts and intralogistics solutions for your operation. Although financing isn't a new concept, it continues to gain popularity when operations must quickly accommodate an ever-changing economic environment. We have a variety of adaptable and affordable leasing programs which offer a low cost of ownership and competitive interest rates, so you can grow your business at fixed costs.

Advantages Of Leasing Your Equipment

  • A Wide Range Of Program Options

    With a wide range of program options, such as seasonal payments and step-up/step-down or single-payment leases, you can tailor cash flows to your income streams. An operating lease can further reduce your monthly payment for the same piece of equipment and allow you to upgrade equipment at the end of your term. If the forklifts still have viable life at the conclusion of your lease, you can choose to purchase the vehicles or extend the lease, further lowering the payment.

  • Flexibility In Changing Out Equipment

    Many companies often experience challenges as a result of not having an effective method for replacing their fleet over time. We can work with you to swap out equipment to better suite your operation if your business needs change. With a five-year lease, you can easily “flip the fleet” every 60 months to capitalize on the benefits of a newer forklift fleet while keeping your expenses fixed and manageable.

  • Consolidate Payments Into One Invoice

    Corporations typically receive a handful of invoices for numerous costs besides the forklift itself, including the battery, charger, attachments, maintenance, a fleet management system, and more. We can combine an array of different invoices into one lease bucket to help you simplify your finances and accounting process. The option to consolidate these fees into one payment will significantly streamline the amount of time and paperwork associated with managing your leased fleet.

  • Easy Returns With No Additional Cost

    A common perception of leasing is that the end-of-lease process often turns into a pain point for the lessee. While this might be the case with banks and third-party leasing corporations, we have our own leasing and service programs and see this phase as an opportunity to ensure customer satisfaction. We can also perform preventive maintenance and repairs to coordinate service with the lease agreement, keeping your trucks in good condition and reducing the chance of additional costs at the end of the lease term.

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  • Maximize Your Cash Flow

    We recognize that most operations experience different challenges to keep their operations moving. In addition to our single-source leasing programs, we have supplemental financing options to help you maximize your cash flow. Our equipment rentals and pre-owned forklifts can help you react quickly with a wide range of models, in-stock and ready to be delivered when you need them.