• A Trusted, Full-Service Partner

    For over 50 years, our mission has been to help customers improve their operating efficiency by providing superior, cost-effective intralogistics solutions that maximize existing space, reduce labor costs, and increase overall productivity. From local businesses to global companies that work in a wide variety of industries, we take a consultative approach on every project to plan and design the perfect solution together. Plus, as a single-source partner, we are uniquely positioned to provide numerous integration and support services to ensure you always get the most out of your resources and achieve a fast return on your investment.

Dedicated Experts To Help You Excel

Since the beginning, our people have always been our greatest strength. With the experience and “know-how” to provide you with a competitive edge, our team is fully committed to supporting you in driving your business forward and achieving your goals. Whether it’s providing the tools, training, and resources to identify and remove inefficiencies in your operation or simplifying the integration and implementation process for some of our more advanced technologies, you can be sure that we always have your best interests in mind.

A Proven Process To Increase Efficiency

Before recommending specific solutions, we take the time to analyze different aspects of your operation for total process improvement, allowing you to rethink before you retool. This approach can be grouped into three key steps: optimize, connect, and automate. Introducing and following these measures will not only improve your operation, but also inspire a culture of continuous improvement throughout your entire organization.

  • Your people and processes to identify areas of waste and make continuous improvements

  • Your facility with smart, scalable technologies that help collect and analyze real-time data

  • Your operation to reduce labor, increase throughput, and further enhance productivity

Industry-Leading Intralogistics Solutions

With a unique mix of best-in-class processes, data-powered technologies, and innovative products, our intralogistics solutions are designed to complete virtually any task related to the movement of materials within your facility. After fully vetting your options through optimization, we will properly identify and apply the solutions you need to produce a complete, connected system tailored to your business goals and strategy.

Material Handling Equipment

Drive higher performance and greater efficiency for handling, stacking, and storing a variety of products.

Connected Technologies

Provide an additional layer of visibility and make it easier to collect and review performance metrics.

Automated Solutions

Perform various repetitive tasks more effectively to overcome today's labor challenges and e-commerce demands.

Systems Integration

Create a complete, connected system that is designed around your unique application needs and requirements.

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  • Authorized Raymond Solutions & Support Center

    Malin is one of the largest U.S. Solutions & Support Centers for The Raymond Corporation, the North American leader in design and production of electric lift trucks, taking care of everything from the sale to service of new, leased, or pre-owned models.

    Our continual support of the company and its products has earned us their prestigious Dealer of Distinction Award each year since it was first introduced in 1991. We are the only Solutions & Support Center in the country to accomplish this honor.