• Sideloaders

    Greater Heights In Narrower Aisles
    These sideloaders offer cube efficiency to boost productivity and cut storage costs
  • Sideloaders Built To Perform

    The Raymond 9300 and 9400 Sideloader forklifts make short work of long and bulky loads with high-lift capability and exceptional maneuverability. With a robust 6,000 lbs., 10,000 lbs., or 12,000 lbs. capacity and load handling up to 26 feet long, these sideloaders are versatile for a wide range of essential warehouse tasks, such as transporting, rack storage, feeding machine tools and work cells, and moving materials like bar stock, tubing, laminates and plywood sheets in very narrow aisles and stacking up to 30 feet high.

Increase Productivity And Space Utilization

With Raymond's exclusive ACR System, the Model 9300 and 9400 Sideloaders deliver faster travel speeds, quick acceleration, more uptime, fewer battery changes and lower maintenance costs, for greater efficiency and a lower total cost of ownership. And, with operator-friendly features like power steering, precision fork tilt, variable speed lift-lower control and crab steering, you can count on these sideloaders to provide enhanced productivity and operator comfort throughout the shift.

  • Independent Wheel Movement

  • Single-Axis Control Handles

  • Cushioned Floor Mat & Guide Roller

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Complete Warehouse Solutions For Greater Efficiency

Beyond providing the best lift trucks in the business, we're here to help you optimize the efficiency and productivity of your entire operation. From industry-leading telematics platforms for effective fleet management to cutting-edge teaching technologies that improve operator skills, we have the expertise and resources to enhance the performance of your people, place, and process.

  • A Smarter Warehouse Operation

    The most comprehensive and scalable telematics platform in the industry, iWAREHOUSE Evolution offers the most complete and customizable solution for labor, fleet, and warehouse optimization.

  • virtual reality simulator, forklift training

    A Unique View On Operator Instruction

    The first of its kind in the industry, Raymond’s Virtual Reality Simulator gives operators a realistic sense of working at extreme heights to build competence and confidence.