• Real Time Location System

    Track Movement For Improvement
    Enhance efficiency and productivity by monitoring the movements of lift trucks, personnel, and assets in your warehouse
  • RTLS, iWAREHOUSE, Location Services

    Optimization Through Tracking And Zoning

    Keeping an eye on every vehicle, everywhere, every day is a daunting assignment for most warehouse supervisors. With the power and precision of the iWAREHOUSE Real Time Location System, monitoring and controlling the movements of your fleet and the efficiency of your operation has never been easier. This technology offers benefits far beyond simply identifying which trucks are where in your operation. Within one comprehensive suite of capabilities, you can view real-time data about zoning, vehicle tracking, operator tracking, and vehicle utilization to maximize warehouse efficiency.

Real Time Location System Facts And Figures

With the iWAREHOUSE Real Time Location System, you have sightlines into the exact position of your entire fleet, allowing you to ensure the right equipment is being used for each task, goods are on the move as quickly and efficiently as possible, and more to improve your productivity.

  • Flexible Geofencing

    Virtual geographical boundaries for each vehicle within your facility allow you to:

    + Create custom defined zones to set restrictions

    + Restrict movements to designated work areas for greater application control

    + Alert operators and slow vehicles when leaving authorized zones

    + Enhance movement security within facilities, equipment, and staff

  • Pinpoint Positioning

    Accuracy to +/- 3 feet allows you to:

    + Track vehicles and adjust travel routes for greater throughput and productivity

    + Identify and improve areas of congestion and inefficiency

    + Provides route playback and heat maps

Single Source Provider For Mixed-Fleet Operations

  • Raymond forklifts

    The iWAREHOUSE Real Time Location System is the only system on the market that comes with expert support services, such as a complete installation, data analysis, and professional services to help you get the most out of your investment. This technology can be added to most current Raymond forklifts, including automated guided vehicles, and is compatible with certain legacy models and other forklift brands.

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  • Optimization Before Automation

    The era of automation is here, ready to keep your business productive and competitive. But organizations need to rethink before they retool. Prior to the introduction of any automated system, your warehouse and processes should first be analyzed and optimized. We can help lay the groundwork for a successful implementation by presenting our Lean Management System and evaluating different aspects of your operation, including labor utilization and operator productivity, size and type of your lift truck fleet, and traffic patterns and bottlenecks in your workflow.