Warehouse Technology

As throughput demands accelerate at breakneck speeds, many traditional forms of warehouse management are now unable to keep pace. Connected technologies can help you manage the movement and storage of all your materials and achieve real-time control of your inventory, labor, and equipment.

Whether you supply products around the world or distribute to a single location, we have expertise in identifying and integrating a wide variety of software solutions to bring greater visibility across your entire operation and uncover optimization opportunities that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Technologies For Measurable Gains

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. That’s why intelligent warehouse solutions are an integral part of the optimization process. Our full suite of tools will enhance the productivity of both operators and vehicles while supplying actionable fleet and personnel data to help you drive down costs.

  • Fleet Management

    The iWAREHOUSE telematics system allows you to manage and monitor batteries, decrease damage with forklift impact sensors, simplify asset maintenance management, optimize labor resources and turn actionable data into results that reduce costs and deliver on key performance indicators.

  • Asset & Maintenance Management

    The iTRACK asset and maintenance management system is an industry-leading platform that provides unprecedented visibility into service and related costs for your assets, fleet, and associated materials. Among many features, the system offers remote dispatching and consolidated invoicing.

  • Location Services

    The iWAREHOUSE Real-Time Location System is a tracking, locating, and monitoring system that allows you to restrict and control the movements of lift trucks within user-defined zones and to track personnel and assets throughout your facility, ensuring the right equipment is used to maximize efficiency.

Improve How Your Workforce Works

Even though employees account for nearly three-quarters of total operating costs, many companies find tracking and managing their labor force to be challenging. These solutions let you quickly and easily analyze your costs and identify inefficiencies at every level within your operation to enhance performance.

  • Labor Management

    The iWAREHOUSE Labor Management System merges multiple data sources for 100 percent visibility into your associates’ daily work, increasing productivity and providing you valuable insights on process costs and workflows so you can understand the true cost of doing business with each of your customers.

  • Operator Assist Technology

    The Pick2Pallet LED Light System, Zoning and Positioning, and In-Aisle Detection System can be added to the base layer of a lift truck to create integrated systems that further increase operator proficiency and productivity, providing a sustainable competitive advantage while reducing overall operating costs.

Complete Software Integration Services

  • From general warehouse software to industry-specific solutions, we have expertise in integrating a variety of software solutions to best complement your business requirements, including order and shipping software systems, electronic data interchange systems, and radio frequency and barcode hardware, all of which enable you to better manage the movement and storage of your materials.

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  • Charting A Path Forward

    Intelligent warehouse solutions are integral part of the optimization process. Prior to recommending specific solutions, we take the time to analyze different areas of your operation for total process improvement. With the introduction of lean management principles, we can provide valuable insights into what works in your facility and what doesn’t, establishing a baseline for efficiency to guide future decisions about what technologies to implement to solve existing your problems.