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While the supply chain continues to change at an unprecedented rate, implementing the right lift truck is necessary to keep up with consumer demands, combat labor shortages, and overcome space constraints. As part of our intralogistics solutions, we offer industry-leading electric forklifts designed and manufactured by Raymond. From options that assist in put away and retrieval of full pallets, to case or piece picking and virtually everything in between, each lift truck features innovations in energy savings, ergonomics, and manufacturing quality.

Lift Trucks That Work From Dock To Stock

If you have a dock application that calls for a reliable, cost-effective workhorse, or you need a lift truck that takes you from "dock to stock" and back again, we have a truck that fits. Counterbalanced forklifts and walkie stackers are ideal for jobs that require maneuverability, like dock operations, transport, put away or supplying rack vehicles and can deliver the performance you need to get the most out of your operations.

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    Counterbalanced Trucks

    Raymond Counterbalanced Forklifts are durable, powerful, and highly maneuverable with a compact footprint and agile steering that is ideal for working in trailers or racks.

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    Walkie Stackers

    Raymond Walkie Stackers provide smooth, controlled operation that can help you better utilize vertical storage in congested areas and tight quarters.

Narrow And Very Narrow Aisle Storage Solutions

Maximizing selectivity and productivity is more important than ever. With narrow aisles, you can store the same amount of goods in less space, or store more in the space you already have. Raymond lift trucks can operate in aisles that are less than half the width used by conventional lift trucks and boast a greater stack height capacity. By adopting narrow aisles, you may be able to increase up to 80% of your existing storage space.

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    Swing Reach Trucks

    Raymond Swing Reach Trucks offer the lift heights and capacities to suit any full pallet or case picking application.

  • Order Picker

    Order Pickers

    Raymond Order Pickers are intelligently designed and engineered to deliver faster speeds and less downtime than other trucks.

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    Reach Trucks

    Raymond Reach Trucks provide clear vision, precise control, and smooth handling for the ultimate in operator comfort and productivity.

Horizontal Transport And Over-The-Road Applications

In horizontal transport, low-level order picking, and over-the-road applications, faster is better. Raymond Manual Pallet Trucks and Electric Pallet Jacks are engineered with features that save time spent traveling and minimize extra steps when order picking to increase operator productivity. And, with components designed for reduced wear and maintainability, you'll have more uptime and less costs to keep your operation in motion.

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    Hand Pallet Jacks

    Raymond Hand Pallet Trucks provide simple, rugged construction, smooth handling and exceptional maneuverability along with quick, easy maintenance.

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    Electric Pallet Jacks

    Raymond Pallet Jacks deliver outstanding operator comfort and optimum performance for order picking applications and long distance transport tasks.

Solutions Designed For Specialized Operations

Whatever your handling, lifting, moving, picking, or stacking needs might be, we have a forklift to help you achieve higher performance and greater efficiency. Built on the principles of innovation and continuous improvement and designed with ecological and economic benefits, Raymond lift trucks are engineered to move loads quickly and efficiently, collectively providing a depth of capabilities that is unparalleled.

  • Sideloader


    Raymond Sideloaders are ideal for handling long, bulky loads in narrow aisles to optimize storage space.

  • Raymond Tow Tractor

    Tow Tractors

    The Raymond Tow Tractor is designed for heavy-duty, high-capacity horizontal transport and batch picking of product to carts.

  • Second Level Pallet Jacks

    The Raymond 8720 2nd Level Order Picker provides fast, effortless access to the second or, in some cases, third load beam.

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    Automated Guided Vehicles

    Raymond Courier Automated Guided Vehicles work collaboratively and in tandem with one another, side by side with your operators, and hand in hand with your conveyors, lift trucks, and other equipment. From horizontal load transportation to vertical pallet handling, simple cross-docking to more involved workflows, these automated lift trucks offer the capabilities to seamlessly and reliably automate a variety of tasks in warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing operations.

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    Flexible Financing Solutions To Meet Your Needs

    In today's changing business climate, we recognize that most operations are experiencing different challenges. We have multiple financing options available to help maximize your cash flow. Our leasing programs offer a low cost of ownership, competitive interest rates, and have a variety of affordable and flexible options to grow your business at fixed costs while our equipment rentals and pre-owned lift trucks help you react quickly with a wide range of models, in-stock and ready to be delivered when you need them.