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    In horizontal transport and low-level order picking applications seconds matter. The Raymond 8000 Series Pallet Trucks are designed to hit the ground running. Built with best-in-class components and innovative technologies, these pallet jacks deliver energy efficiency, increased uptime, and lower maintenance costs. Plus, each model has exclusive features that provide greater flexibility and help reduce wear, especially on undercarriage components, to ensure your truck stays in operation when you need it most.

Boost Productivity With Increased Picking Accuracy

The only put-to-light system of its kind, the Pick2Pallet LED Light System features long-lasting LED lights embedded into the outside of each fork to reduce errors in AB batch pick applications. This feature visually indicates where operators should place each item, letting you take advantage of all the productivity benefits of batch picking while minimizing errors and increasing picking speeds.

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    Automation is becoming an inevitable and invaluable option for most warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution operations. The Raymond Courier 3010 Automated Pallet Truck can seamlessly and reliably automate a variety of repetitive transportation and pallet handling tasks, traditionally performed by a manual pallet jack, to help you optimize resources, maximize scalability, and quickly adapt to changing business needs.