• In-Aisle Detection System

    Protect Your Equipment
    A LiDAR sensor detects objects within 30 feet of the truck's path in wire guided very narrow aisle applications
  • Reinforce Best Practices

    Raymond's In-Aisle Detection System helps reinforce best practices for lift truck operation which makes for more confident operators. With fast pick requirements, the system alerts operators when objects are detected in the truck's path and brings the vehicle to a controlled stop. While every operator must still follow their training and look in the direction of travel, this In-Aisle Detection System enhances an operator's awareness of their surroundings.

Three Layers Of Security

When an object is detected in a truck's path, operators are alerted.

  • Audible Alarm

  • Visual Alert

  • Controlled Stop Functionality

An operator can then continue operation of the truck, but speed is limited to 1 mph until the object has been removed.

Compatible Forklift Models

Available as an option on Raymond Order Picker and Swing Reach models, the In-Aisle Detection System assists in keeping trucks separated while on wire guidance in the aisle, enhancing operator security and confidence in very narrow aisle applications. 

  • turret trucks

    Turret Trucks

    Raymond Swing Reach Trucks offer the lift heights and capacities to suit almost any full pallet or case picking application, up to 59 feet.

  • Order Picker

    Order Pickers

    Raymond Order Pickers are intelligently designed and engineered to deliver faster speeds and less downtime than competitive models.

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  • Optimization Before Automation

    The era of automation is here, ready to keep your business productive and competitive. But organizations need to rethink before they retool. Prior to the introduction of any automated system, your warehouse and processes should first be analyzed and optimized. We can help lay the groundwork for a successful implementation by presenting our Lean Management System and evaluating different aspects of your operation, including labor utilization and operator productivity, size and type of your lift truck fleet, and traffic patterns and bottlenecks in your workflow.