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  • reach trucks, reach forklifts, reach truck forklifts

To meet ever-changing and ever-growing customer demands, you need a fleet of trucks capable of lifting higher and heavier. The Raymond 7000 Series Reach Trucks offer the highest lift heights available and provide industry-leading lift, lower, acceleration, and travel speeds which allow you to move more pallets every hour while optimizing your racking and storage capacity. With the most comprehensive line of reach forklifts on the market, we can help you choose from more than 200 configurations to customize the model that will elevate your operation to new heights.

Reach Forklifts Built To Perform

  • The 7000 Series Reach-Fork design starts with an innovative suspension system that creates superior load stability at greater heights while providing operators with a smooth ride. The ACR System delivers quick acceleration, smoother directional changes, longer battery shift life and an AC Lift Motor that enables more efficient use of power, lowering overall energy costs. Intuitive ergonomics make them easy to learn to drive, offering clear vision, precise control, and smooth handling for the ultimate in operator comfort and productivity. Decreased downtime with the utmost reliability and ease of service, and most important, a lower total cost of ownership, makes Raymond reach truck forklifts the bestselling reach trucks in North America.

Integrated Technologies For Improved Performance

Raymond reach forklifts include a full set of technologies and telematics built into the control system of the truck that are ready to be activated at any time. The result is a smarter, more scalable fleet of forklifts that simplify the day-to-day challenges of everyone, everywhere in your operation.

  • reach trucks, reach forklifts, reach truck forklifts


    + Scalable fleet and warehouse management solutions allow the truck to grow with your business

    + Data provides invaluable insights to optimize operations

    + Easy electronic upgrades minimize downtime and avoid the costly retrofits necessary with competitive vehicles

  • reach trucks, reach forklifts, reach truck forklifts


    + Intuitive touchscreen interface simplifies truck operation

    + Single, consolidated display eliminates the need for multiple screens in the compartment for better visibility

    + Full color, tiled display offers quick, clear information for greater productivity

  • reach trucks, reach forklifts, reach truck forklifts


    + Real-time status and fault codes aid in troubleshooting

    + Test modes of programmed analog and digital diagnostics speed up troubleshooting

    + Remote system enhancements allow faster, easier upgrades and trucks modifications

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Complete Warehouse Solutions For Greater Efficiency

Beyond providing the best lift trucks in the business, we're here to help you optimize the efficiency and productivity of your entire operation. From industry-leading telematics platforms for effective fleet management to cutting-edge teaching technologies that improve operator skills, we have the expertise and resources to enhance the performance of your people, place, and process.

  • virtual reality simulator, forklift training

    A Unique View On Operator Instruction

    The first of its kind in the industry, Raymond’s Virtual Reality Simulator gives operators a realistic sense of working at extreme heights to build competence and confidence.

  • A Smarter Warehouse Operation

    The most comprehensive and scalable telematics platform in the industry, iWAREHOUSE Evolution offers the most complete and customizable solution for labor, fleet, and warehouse optimization.