• Manual Forklift, Manual Pallet Jacks, Hand Jacks

    Hand Pallet Trucks

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    Dependable manual trucks available in assorted configurations for wide range of warehouse operations
  • Hand Pallet Trucks Built To Perform

    In today's changing business climate, each day brings new challenges for both your customers and your employees. Raymond has a line of high quality, low price hand pallet trucks designed to enhance productivity in operations of all sizes. These products can help you perform a variety of basic material handling tasks more quickly, easily and securely. From standard to specialty applications, every manual pallet jack is simple to use, maintain, and afford.

Rugged Construction For Every Day Use

Built with durable components and ergonomic features, Raymond Hand Pallet Trucks are designed to meet your on-the-go pallet handling needs and offer reliable performance for every day use on loading docks, delivery trucks, or moving product from backroom storage to retail shelving.

  • Manual Forklift, Manual Pallet Jacks, Hand Jacks


    Fork tip entry rollers ease the transition over the bottom pallet boards

  • Manual Forklift, Manual Pallet Jacks, Hand Jacks


    Adjustable tubular push rods and self-lubricating bushings help improve efficiency and minimize wear

  • Manual Forklift, Manual Pallet Jacks, Hand Jacks


    Teardrop handle with 3-way position lever offers comfortable and precise load control for the operator

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  • Get More Out Of Your Workflow

    Ideal for mid-distance horizontal transport and navigating congested spaces, a motorized pallet jack takes the strain off your operators. The Raymond 8210 Walkie Pallet Jack can increase efficiency and reduce risk with its intelligent, ergonomic design that means less energy spent on moving the truck and more power to tackle the job at hand. And, with twice as much time between service intervals as conventional units, you'll be able to maximize productivity throughout your operations.