• fleet management software, fleet management, fleet management system

    Fleet Management

    Comprehensive Forklift Telematics
    Collect and report on vehicle and operator data to help drive productivity across your operations
  • fleet management software, fleet management, fleet management system

    Scalable Telematics For Measurable Improvement

    As the complexity and speed of warehouse operations continues to accelerate, managers can no longer rely exclusively on instinct to make decisions. Data and technology solutions provide an additional layer of visibility that augments tribal knowledge and make it easier to collect and review performance metrics. iWAREHOUSE is a powerful telematics solution to better manage equipment and operators. Compatible with hundreds of makes and models of forklifts, the system puts critical, real-time data about your entire fleet right at your fingertips, easily accessible through a single portal on any web-enabled device.

Choose The Right Features For Your Business

As the most comprehensive telematics solution available, iWAREHOUSE provides more than just greater functionality. With, iWAREHOUSE Evolution, the system delivers greater flexibility, adapting to the changing needs of your business, in a single, scalable platform that offers a selection of options. Simply subscribe to the capabilities you want, knowing you can add functionality as needed, quickly, easily, and cost-efficiently with little to no hardware or installation adjustments.

  • Fleet And Asset Management | iTRACK

    Service Dispatch:
    Instantly request service—from any provider— from the web portal

    Dedicated Fleet Analyst:
    Experienced source of support to help you fully leverage the system

    Consolidated Invoicing:
    Simplify and reduce the cost of administration and ensure billing accuracy

    Reporting & Analytics:
    More than 20 standard reports on assets, cost, CFPM, maintenance, dispatch and trends. Customer specific and individualized reports/ KPI’s are available as well

    Fleet Utilization:
    iTRACK data provides information to assess vehicle utilization and determine which assets to repair, replace, reallocate or remove

  • Operator And Fleet Management | Essential

    Access Control:
    Automate vehicle access and ensure that authorized and certified operators have access to the right vehicle

    Impact Management:
    Immediate impact alerts provide critical information via SMS or email message

    Equipment & Operator Utilization:
    Track total fleet and operator performance with utilization metrics

    Electronic Checklists:
    Electronic, pre-shift checklists are recorded and stored to meet regulatory requirements

    Cellular Data Communication:
    Reduce implementation time and minimize IT involvement due to not using your existing wireless network

  • Warehouse
    Optimization | Enterprise

    Load Sensing:
    Visibility into productive hours when your operators are carrying a load versus traveling with empty forks

    Task Selection:
    Track jobs performed on and off the truck Optimize labor efficiency by tracking times associated with activities and tasks by operator to identify opportunities to improve productivity

    Professional Services:
    Get the most out of your data with a dedicated group of experts who provide custom solutions to help you make the most of iWAREHOUSE

    Labor Management:
    Integrate your existing labor management system (LMS) or one of our scalable LMS offerings for greater visibility into employee productivity and operational costs

  • fleet management software, fleet management, fleet management system

    Integrated Intelligence For Improved Performance

    iWAREHOUSE technology is fully integrated through a multifunction color touchscreen display located in the operator compartment of select Raymond forklifts. From battery and impact monitoring to labor and warehouse management modules, every feature of iWAREHOUSE can be quickly accessed and activated through the single operator display. The display also shows all truck dashboard data, like speed and battery state of charge, and optional technologies such as Height-Tilt Indicator and Vantage Point Camera for easy interface and enhanced productivity.

Get More From iWAREHOUSE

  • Labor Management

    Enhance your operations with a cost-effective labor management solution that lets you address challenges more strategically by integrating equipment use and labor data with cost and budgeting information.

  • Professional Services

    Get the most out of your data with a group of dedicated experts trained to provide fleet and warehouse evaluations, fleet utilization studies, custom reporting, and in-depth data analyses to optimize your operation.

  • iWAREHOUSE Gateway

    Access your fleet and operator data from any web-enabled device, anytime, anywhere. Identify issues, observe trends, dispatch service, monitor equipment utilization, operator performance, and more from a single, convenient web portal.

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  • Optimization Before Automation

    With the collective goal of reducing waste throughout an organization, lean management transforms a company’s culture to focus on improved quality by constantly seeking optimization opportunities. An optimized material handling operation creates more space for product, increases workforce productivity, and leverages intralogistics solutions for the best suitable task. Ultimately, this process results in cost savings that can be reinvested throughout your business, often partially, or even fully, funding the next improvement.