The term “Intralogistics Solutions” is increasingly used in the supply chain, popping up in brochures, webinars and virtual meetings alike. But what does it really mean? At Malin, we refer to intralogistics solutions as the mix of processes, technologies, and products required to complete any task related to the movement of materials within a facility.

The key to successfully implementing intralogistics solutions is optimizing before you automate. This process will not only improve material handling functions, but also create a culture of continuous improvement throughout your organization. We believe this approach is essential to developing the right customized solution for your business.

  • Your people and processes to identify areas of waste and make continuous improvements

  • Your facility with smart, scalable technologies that help collect and analyze real-time data

  • Your operation to reduce labor, increase throughput, and further enhance productivity

  • Optimization begins by introducing lean management principles to reduce waste through visualization, standardized work, and target-based key performance indicators (KPIs). When applied correctly, a lean management system can effectively and efficiently produce optimized processes of sound quality that fully satisfy customer demands.

    Raymond Lean Management (RLM) procedures and techniques are based on the world-renowned Toyota Production System (TPS), which takes a holistic approach to problem solving to create an optimized facility that has more space for product, higher workforce productivity, and leverage intralogistics solutions for suitable tasks among other benefits.

Since there will always be opportunities for improvement, it's vital to consistently analyze and evaluate your business. Using baseline efficiency established with RLM, we can help guide future decisions around investing in the right technologies for your application, the best ways to keep your facility connected, and, when you’re ready, technologies that can automate processes to further enhance your productivity.

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  • Complete Intralogistics Solutions

    We are committed to providing an unmatched portfolio of intralogistics solutions that work together to complete virtually any task within your facility. With comprehensive offerings that include material handling equipment, connected technologies, and automated systems, we have the solutions to your problems. Plus, we manage every aspect of the integration process to further enhance performance and productivity throughout your operation.