Success Story: Hesselbein Tire Co., Inc.

Increasing Efficiency With Raymond Lean Management

  • Hesselbein Tire Co., Inc., a leading tire wholesaler in North America, was experiencing high turnover at several of its facilities, leading to inefficient operations, fulfillment errors, and difficulty meeting increased demand. The company turned to Malin for a solution that would help improve employee retention and optimize its operations.

    With the implementation of Raymond Lean Management (RLM), Hesselbein was able to create a more engaged employee culture, resulting in higher moral, workforce retention, and ultimately better service for customers. In fact, as employee engagement increased, the turnover rate decreased significantly, falling from 60% to 25%.

Improved Culture Leads To Improved Bottom Line

  • Challenge:
    Poor Employee Retention

    Hesselbein was experiencing a turnover rate that rate prevented them from keeping up with increased demand. Our team helped identify specific inefficiencies, including lack of standardized processes and outdated processes that required large teams.

  • Solution:
    Lean Management Procedures

    We introduced Raymond Lean Management (RLM) to improve retention and optimize operations. Employees throughout Hesselbein were formally trained and encouraged to identify wastes in their processes and submit improvement ideas to management.

  • Result:
    Significant Turnover Reduction

    Hesselbein has seen a major improvement in retention (and its bottom line) due to less downtime for training, better organization, and fewer defects or errors. Reduced turnaround time for orders and increased responsiveness for its customers were additional benefits.

About Raymond Lean Management

  • Raymond Lean Management (RLM) procedures and techniques are based on the world-renowned Toyota Production System (TPS), which focuses on waste reduction through visualization, standardized work, target-based key performance indicators (KPIs), and continuous improvement activities to provide the best possible solutions.

    When applied correctly, RLM can effectively and efficiently produce optimized processes for all aspects of a company’s core business functions, ultimately leading to cost savings that can be used to purchase intralogistics solutions for the task at hand or reinvested throughout the organization.

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