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    We can optimize your facility to have more efficient processes, higher workforce engagement, and leverage intralogistics solutions for suitable tasks.

Rethink Before You Retool

  • As the speed and complexity of operations continues to accelerate, most companies are experiencing a wider range of challenges than ever before. To overcome these, many supply chain leaders assume they need to upgrade their current equipment or implement new forms of automation, but that decision would ultimately magnify inefficiencies, rather than improve them. At Malin, prior to recommending specific solutions, we take the time to analyze different aspects of your operation for total process improvement.

Tackle Any Task In Your Facility

With a unique mix of best-in-class processes, data-powered technologies, and innovative products, our intralogistics solutions are designed to complete virtually any task related to the movement of materials or flow of information within your facility. After fully vetting your options through optimization, we will identify the solutions you need to create a complete, connected system tailored to your business goals and strategy. Plus, our team is uniquely positioned to provide integration and support services beyond the initial sale to ensure you get the most of your resources and achieve a fast return on your investment.

Increase Efficiency With Lean Management

  • Your material handling and intralogistics solutions provider may not be the first source you’d turn to for answers to employee retention issues, but when Hesselbein Tire Co., Inc., approached Malin for help they knew they had come to the right place. After working with our team to implement Raymond Lean Management (RLM) techniques to engage with employees and make small, high-impact changes, Hesselbein reduced employee turnover from 60% to 25% while cutting unloading time for tire shipments in half and accommodating 30% more sales with only a minimal increase in staffing.

  • "Our team members know what problems we need to work on to make our business better. And with RLM, they now have the tools and the beginnings of our continuous improvement culture to make it happen."

    — Chris Pope, General Manager, Hesselbein Tire Co., Inc.

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    Raymond Dealer Of Distinction

    Malin is one of the largest Solutions & Support Centers for The Raymond Corporation, the North American leader in design and production of electric lift trucks, taking care of everything from the sale to service of new, leased, or pre-owned forklifts. Our continual support of the company and its products has earned us their prestigious Dealer of Distinction Award each year since it was first introduced in 1991. We are the only Solutions & Support Center in the country to accomplish this honor.