Lift Truck Rentals

Our fleet assures you quality and guaranteed performance that delivers operator comfort, control, speed and precise load handling.

Malin regularly updates the fleet with new equipment and maintain our trucks according to manufacturer's specifications. We provide on-site operator instruction, a scheduled maintenance program, 24-hour repair services and flexible rent-to-own purchase options. Service repair charges dispatched between the hours of 7 am and 5 pm are free of charge unless the repairs are from customer abuse or damage.

Rentals are ideal for:

  • Supplementing your existing equipment for seasonal requirements, unplanned peaks in activity, when you're conducting physical inventory, or when replacing trucks for scheduled repairs.
  • Maximizing equipment use to help you better manage capital costs when right-sizing your fleet.
  • Establishing the value of equipment before purchasing or leasing to ensure it best fits your needs.
  • Special projects and short-term needs.
  • Meeting emergency equipment needs or waiting for delivery of new equipment.

Offering trucks on a daily, weekly, monthly or longer rental cycle helps you fill your equipment needs for any length of time you desire. These flexible rental periods are set up to help you rent as efficiently as possible.

Contact us today for more information on renting lift trucks.

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    Malin Rental Options That Fit Your Short-
    and Long-Term Needs

    Malin strives to provide quality equipment and solutions for your short and long term rental requirements. We will go above and beyond to supply you with the equipment you need – when you need it, at the best price. Our rental program is a practical and economical way to supplement your current lift truck fleet whether you are performing a physical inventory, a special project or managing extra seasonal shipments.