RENEWED Lift Trucks

  • General: All units externally cleaned and checked for structural integrity.
  • Drive Units: Inspected for proper operation and leaks. Repaired as necessary.
  • Caster Assembly: Inspected for proper operation and damage. Repaired/adjusted as necessary.
  • Motors: Tested for proper grounds and brush wear. Repaired as necessary.
  • Hydraulic Pumps: Inspected for leaks. Pressures checked. Rebuilt or replaced as necessary.
  • Valves: Inspected for leaks and operation. Resealed as necessary.
  • Hose Assemblies: Inspected for leaks and damage and replaced as necessary. Some external cracks/checks are acceptable.
  • Electrical Panels: Visually inspected for corrosion, wear. Repaired as necessary.
  • All Electrical Connections: Checked to insure a good tight connection.
  • Wire Harnesses: Checked for wear and damage and repaired as necessary.
  • Controller: Tested for proper operation and repaired as necessary.
  • Mast Assemblies: Inspected for physical damage and wear. Mast is repaired and reshimmed as necessary. Lift rams are inspected for chrome damage and leaks. Cylinders are repaired and repacked as necessary.
  • Brake System: Tested for safe operation. Components are rebuilt or replaced as necessary.
  • Steering: Checked to assure smooth operation and no loose parts.
  • Wheels and Tires: Inspected for wear and serviceability and replaced where necessary. Some wear and small abrasions are acceptable.
  • All Moving Parts: Lubricated as appropriate.
  • Paint: Unit is externally detailed or painted as necessary.
  • Inspection/Testing: The truck is operationally tested under load conditions to assure proper operation of all controls and functions.
  • All Trucks: Reset to factory default operating parameters before shipping. Our standard scheduled maintenance work order is used as the technician's guide during this process.


"I had the pleasure presenting a renewed truck yesterday to a new customer. Can I tell you I was shocked at the quality and condition and so was the customer. It was immaculate! Beautiful! In my time in this business used meant used. Apparently Malin’s interpretation of used is NEW. The customer was so impressed that he would like another truck quote and some warehouse items. Thank you again! This makes my job so much easier."

- Eric G, Sales Associate

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    The Ultimate Quality Assurance Process

    Malin meticulously chooses used forklifts and refurbishes them, putting them through a rigorous and proven quality assurance process set in place by the manufacturer. A highly skilled team of technicians, painters, electricians and more deliver a quality renewed lift truck at an affordable price.

    Our used forklifts and pallet jacks look and perform like new. In fact, we hear time and time again that customers are stunned at the final product and that our refurbished lift trucks pass for brand new. Contact us today for a quote on your Raymond RENEWED lift truck.