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    The Right Lift Trucks For the Job
    Raymond® lift trucks will exceed your expectations. Reliable, durable, innovative, we outperform the competition and take your warehouse operations to new levels.
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Raymond Lift Trucks

Malin is the authorized dealer for the complete line of Raymond brand lift trucks and equipment in Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico. With more than 45 years of experience in dozens of industries, our lift truck experts will help you develop a forklift fleet that allows your business to operate more efficiently.

Browse through brand new forklift models below, or learn more about your lift truck financing options and our available services.

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Reach Fork Trucks

Designed for superior operator comfort, Raymond reach trucks deliver greater visibility and faster, smoother performance with less maintenance.

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Pallet Trucks

Raymond electric rider pallets and walkie pallet jacks provide unmatched durability and productivity to handle the most demanding applications.

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Counterbalanced Trucks

From dock to stock, Raymond's sit down forklifts and stand-up counterbalanced trucks give your operators unmatched confidence.

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Swing Reach Trucks

Raymond's swing-reach turret trucks represent the most comprehensive line of very narrow aisle trucks available in the industry.

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Malin offers a full range of customizable Raymond orderpicker trucks in 24 and 36 volt to meet your application and throughput needs.

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Improve space utilization and move long or bulky materials with ease in very narrow aisles with our long load handling forklifts.

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Tow Tractors

Our rugged, dependable tow tractors are reliable workhorses designed for unmatched durability and productivity.

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Walkie Stackers

Raymond walkie pallet stackers provide versatile pallet handling and stacking capabilities for stockroom and light-duty warehouse needs.

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Hand Pallet Jacks

Simple, rugged construction, smooth handling, and exceptional maneuverability are hallmarks of Raymond hand pallet trucks.

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Automated Lift Trucks

Maximize workforce productivity and drive down costs of repeatable horizontal transport tasks with Raymond Courier® Automated Lift Trucks.

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    Malin works to be an extension to our customers' businesses; a true partner in warehousing operations. Thanks to an extensive and growing line of Raymond lift trucks, we're able to offer a solution for any application.