7000 Series Reach Trucks with Integrated Technologies & Telematics

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Innovation Through Anticipation

In today's world, a forklift has to be more than just a workhorse for the warehouse. By anticipating the future, Raymond is creating a fleet of vehicles capable of answering your needs today and adapting to your needs tomorrow. From sophisticated vision technologies to the industry's most comprehensive and scalable telematics, all capabilities are fully integrated and easily activated at any any time, allowing you to:

Adapt To Different Needs More Quickly

Remote, electronic upgrades and modifications

Enhance Operator Productivity

A single multifunction color touchscreen display

Identify Opportunity & Eliminate Inefficiency

Insights or real-time data

Simplify Warehouse Management

Integrate your fleet into your WMS

A Smarter, More Productive Truck

Already known for exceptional productivity, reliability, and energy efficiency, the 7000 Series Reach-Fork Trucks now includes a full set of technologies and telematics built into the control system of the truck - ready to be activated at any time. The result is a smarter, more scalable fleet of reach trucks.

Reach Trucks

  • Enhanced Operator Comfort & Confidence

    Operators feel at home on the trucks - and at ease on the job - with the widest choice of stance options, precise control with our intuitive single-axis control handle, superior suspension and stability system, and greater visibility with our patented open view mast.

  • Lower Maintenance Expenses

    Intelligently engineered with fewer parts and more durable components - like ductile iron, bolt-on baselegs - the 7000 Series requires half the scheduled maintenance of competitive trucks for superior uptime and utilization rates.

  • Superior Performance
    & Productivity

    Industry-leading lift, lower, acceleration, and travel speeds allow you to move more pallets every hour, and exceptional energy efficiency provides longer run times and fewer battery changes for lower charging costs and greater uptime.

The Ultimate Display of Simplicity & Usability

Designed for ultimate usability, real-time truck data - as well as all technology options - are viewed on a single Multifunction Color Touchscreen display that simplifies the day-to-day challenges of everyone, everywhere in your operation. Standard on today's trucks and available as a retrofit option on older models, the display is highly intuitive and easily adoptive for greater speed, efficiency, and simplicity.

integrated display, reach fork trucks

  • Operators

    + Intuitive touchscreen interface makes the truck easier to learn and easier to use

    + Consolidated controls provide a single point of focus for faster, easier, more comfortable operation

    + Full color, tiled display offers quick, clean information for greater speed, efficiency, and productivity

  • Managers

    + Scalable fleet and warehouse management solutions allow the truck to grow with your business

    + Data provides invaluable insights to optimize operations

    + Easy electronic upgrades minimize downtime and avoid the costly retrofits necessary with competitive vehicles

  • Technicians

    + Real-time status and fault codes aid in troubleshooting

    + Test modes of programmed analog and digital diagnostics speed up troubleshooting

    + Remote system enhancements allow faster, easier upgrades and trucks modifications

iWAREHOUSE Evolution

The most comprehensive and scalable forklift telematics solution in the industry, iWAREHOUSE lets you start out small and add capabilities as your needs change. Looking to delve deeper into your data? The iWAREHOUSE Professional Services team is here to help analyze your data and turn it into actionable reports and recommendations.

The iWAREHOUSE Professional Service team will help you analyze your data and turn it into actionable reports and recommendations.

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