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Electric lift trucks offer distinct advantages over any form of internal combustion (IC) lift truck. These advantages, in addition to the environmental benefits, include:

  • Reduced maintenance for electric trucks equals less downtime, which translates into less equipment and less capital cost.
  • Longer service life for electric lift trucks; about 30% longer than IC units, according to the Lead Industries Association, Inc.
  • Easier OSHA and anti-pollution requirements; safe, efficient operation in hazardous and controlled environments.
  • Lower fuel costs than for internal combustion units because electricity costs less per hour of work. Costs for battery power are lower even when factoring the replacement costs of batteries as an energy cost.
  • Lower overall operating costs. National Services, Inc., a consulting firm in Huntington Beach, CA, specializing in the economic control of material handling equipment has determined that there is a $.99 per hour average savings in the operating costs of electric versus IC units.

Power Solutions We Offer

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Malin sells the complete line of EnerSys Ironclad® Batteries.

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industrial battery chargers


Malin partners with EnerSys for reliable and high capacity chargers that drive productivity.

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industrial battery chargers

Fast Opportunity Charging

Fast charging uses modern power electronic technology to return energy to industrial batteries faster than conventional charging.

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Hydrogen Fuel cell, Fuel Cell Powered Lift Truck

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Together with Raymond, Malin is at the forefront of fuel cell battery technology development.

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    Malin offers a full line of batteries, battery handling systems, and chargers for lift trucks and pallet jacks used in the most demanding industrial and warehousing applications.

    Our portfolio of electric lift trucks and pallet jacks ensures that you get more runs per shift, a higher capacity for sustained performance during each shift and less maintenance downtime, turning your productivity into profit.