Storage Solutions, Pallet Racking and Warehouse Storage Racks


Improve workflow, productivity and provide your employees the space required to be the most efficient when you install quality mezzanines.

After years of experience partnering with customers in a variety of industries, Malin has the practical capabilities to help your company make the right decision. We will work directly with your team and utilize the latest design techniques to determine the best – and most cost-effective – mezzanine solution.


Rack and rack systems may be one of the answers to designing the most cost-effective solution to help store, pick, move and ship products. The type of rack system that best suits your needs depends greatly on how much space is available, how much product must be stored, how much it weighs, how the product is retrieved and how often the product is accessed.

From easy selective rack solutions for fast moving product lines to drive-in / drive-through rack solutions for items with longer life spans, the proper rack system is critical to your corporate profitability.

Tools we utilize to achieve your desired results include:

  • Structural
  • Roll-formed
  • Selective
  • Drive-in
  • Drive-through
  • Cantilever
  • Pallet flow
  • Pick modules

Static & Mobile Shelving

Malin provides its customers with a range of static and mobile shelving solutions, including:

  • Industrial steel
  • Bulk storage
  • Archive records
  • Mobile base

  • Very Narrow Aisle Warehouse with Raymond Swing-Reach Turret Truck

    Racks, Mezzanines & Shelving: The Essentials

    Stack and store your product for quick and safe retrieval.

    Get the most out of your warehouse space by utilizing multiple storage components. Our expertly engineered solutions will make your day-to-day operations more organized and efficient.

    Malin has all of your storage needs covered. Learn more about Malin Systems and how we can build your complete warehousing solution.