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A Dedication To Education

Your employees are at the center of everything you do and with our industry-leading training solutions you can ensure they receive proper education on best practices in material handling environments. From operators to supervisors and technicians to trainers, all our programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your workforce, helping to create a safe and productive operation for the years ahead.

 IB  Information Based   Training is conducted in a classroom and lead by a trainer 
 PB  Participant Based  Participant must demonstrate performance. Led by a trainer
 VL  Virtual Learning  Training is facilitated through an online platform, such as Teams.
 BL  Blended Learning  Training can be a combination of information based, performance based, and/or virtual learning

  • Mobile Elevating Work Platform

    Genie BL-OT100
    This course provides training for employees work on or around mobile elevating equipment such as scissor or boom lifts.

  • Fall Protection

    3M BL-OT101
    This course will provide an overview of fall protection principles and the essential equipment components used in a basic personal fall restraint or arrest system.

  • Safety On The Move - Operator

    BL-100 (1, 2 & 3 Day Options)
    This course covers the importance of how to conduct the operator's daily checklist, load handling, travel procedures, docks & ramps, and more.

  • Safety On The Move - Skills Evaluation

    Raymond PB-100 (Days Determined By Student & Truck Count)
    This course is designed to be conducted upon the completion of Safety On The Move e-Learning and is part of the OSHA training requirements for Powered Industrial Trucks.

  • Safety On The Move - Train The Trainer

    Raymond BL-101 (1 or 2 Day Options)
    This course will provide instructors with the information and skills necessary to conduct the Safety On The Move training program with their company’s lift truck operators.

  • Safety On The Move - Courier/Pedestrian Train The Trainer

    Raymond BL-103 (Minimum 3 Days)
    This course teaches instructors how to facilitate the operator and pedestrian Safety On The Move programs for the ALT Courier products. ANSI training included.

  • Technical - Customer Fundamentals

    Malin BL-T100 (4 Days)
    This course is designed as a prerequisite to future technical classes on servicing Raymond lift trucks and foundational electrical, hydraulic, and schematics. Minimum class size of two.

  • Technical - Fundamental Review

    Malin PB-T1012 (2 Days)
    This course is a 2-day skills evaluation and students will be utilizing maintenance manuals, schematics, and their materials from the T100 class. Minimum class size of two.

  • Breadboard

    Malin BL-T102 (3 Days)
    This course introduces students to circuit diagrams and teaches how to connect different types of electric components and power circuits. Minimum class size of two.

  • Scheduled Maintenance - Class 1-3

    Malin BL-T200 (Minimum 2 Days, Days Vary Based On Model)
    This course covers scheduled maintenance procedures per the maintenance manual.

  • Crawler - Operator or Train The Trainer

    Genie BL-OT103 (1, 2 & 3 Day Options)
    This course provides training for employees who work on or around Crawler Booms.

  • Telehandler - Operator or Train The Trainer

    Genie BL-OT103 (1, 2 & 3 Day Options)
    This course provides training for employees who work on our around Class 7 Telehandler / Rough Terrain equipment.

Raymond Lean Management

As a member of the Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO), Raymond has studied and implemented the Toyota Production System (TPS) throughout its own organization. By leveraging this experience, Raymond expanded upon its teaching to develop Raymond Lean Management (RLM), a one-of-a-kind lean management system that offers a customized and highly effective approach to optimization. We have been at the forefront of this program and have several courses on lean management principles, which have played a pivotal role in addressing customer challenges.

Course Instructor  Requirements Comments 
 TPS Basics (Pre-Requisite)  Malin (In-Person)

 Min 8 PPL / Max 12 PPL

 RLM & TPS fundamentals class conducted at a Malin facility or the customer's facility
 5S Application Classes  Malin (In-Person)  Min 8 PPL / Max 12 PPL  Hands on 5S training conducted at the customer's facility; two hours initial and two hours follow-up
 Standard Work Application Class  Malin (In-Person)  Min 8 PPL / Max 12 PPL  Hands on Standard Work training conducted at the customer's facility; two hours initial and two hours follow-up
 Kaizen Event  Malin (In-Person)  Min 5 PPL / Max 10 PPL  Includes a one hour class and three hour Kaizen event
 Lean Assessment  Malin (In-Person)  N/A  Facility of process assessment

Create A Safe Workplace

  • In addition to industrial forklifts and material handling equipment, other processes within your operation can be enhanced with proper training programs. Our team of experts can perform a safety audit to identify existing and potential hazards throughout your facility. Based on these findings, we can provide a variety of resources and training to assist with compliance of government standards.

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