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    National Forklift Safety Day

    Forklift Training Solutions For All Your Material Handling Needs

  • Request a free “Steps to Safety on the Move” poster to be displayed in or around your warehouse to show the best practice for a safe work environment.

Comprehensive Forklift Training Programs

  • Forklift Operator Training


    A comprehensive, modular online program designed to enhance the knowledge and skill of both new and experienced forklift operators.

  • Classroom Sessions

    In-person, hands-on instruction provided by Certified Trainers from your local Raymond Sales & Service Center. Classes can be held at your facility or ours for added ease and convenience.

  • Virtual Reality Simulator

    A unique, engaging teaching tool that places operators on an actual lift truck in the most realistic virtual warehouse environments to face real-world challenges and receive real-time feedback.

The Scalable, Total Telematics Solution


    Access Control

    Operator log-ins help ensure that only authorized and certified users have access to specified vehicles for greater asset and operational security.

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    Impact Management

    Immediate notifications (including operator, vehicle, time, and other critical information) of impacts are sent via text message or email for greater visibility and faster action.

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    Electronic Checklists

    Compliant vehicle operation is facilitated by pre-shift electronic checklists that are completed by operators and saved in the system to meet regulatory requirements.

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