Malin Training Programs

Our first time and continuing educational courses enable you to establish organizational benchmark safety and performance standards through innovative instruction techniques that result in the successful deployment of best practices.

We have all your training needs covered. This includes OSHA compliance and licensing, re-certification and Train the Trainer programs. Malin offers easy and convenient training location options:

  • At any of the Malin facilities
  • At your facility
  • At the Raymond Corporation headquarters

  • Operator Training

    Operator Training

    It is well documented that lift truck operators who know how to use their equipment make fewer mistakes, leading to greater accuracy and efficiency. Learn more about how the Raymond-certified Safety on the Move operator training program can help you run a safer, more efficient operation.

  • Steps to Safety

    Pedestrian Training

    Operators and technicians aren't the only ones that need to know about lift truck safety; pedestrians can be put at risk as well. The Steps to Safety program can help you teach pedestrians how to act responsibly in environments where lift trucks are operated.

  • Malin Training Class

    Technician Training

    The better trained your lift truck technicians are, the better your fleet's uptime is. Let Malin help your technicians get both classroom and hands-on training by enrolling them in one of our Raymond-certified training courses.

  • Malin Training

    Malin provides technician, operator and pedestrian lift truck programs to improve productivity and enhance safety.

    We take pride in offering the highest quality customer technician training, lift truck operator training and pedestrian safety training programs. The award-winning Safety on the Move program is designed for one-on-one and video-based instruction. Our Train the Trainer program prepares your trainer to teach your employees. This program is simple to implement. The result will reduce operator error-related costs and increase operator productivity.